Cheetahfest Bake Sale Sign-Up

Wanted: Store-bought or homemade baked goods in approximately $1 individually wrapped bags/packages.

When: Delivered to school by noon April 1st.
Please sign up below!!/showSignUp/4090d44abaa2ea02-cheetahfest


CheetahFest Info

CheetahFest Information! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Link to purchase:

ARMBAND ($10) – gets your child entry to CheetahFest, along with the following: large obstacle course, large obstacle course with rock climb slide, 3 sport challenge, mini all-stars basketball, batter up, soccer kick, and cornhole

TICKETS ($1 each) – are required for a few select things, including:

  • the bake sale (1 ticket)
  • balloon artist (2 tickets)
  • face painting (3 tickets)
  • mini golf (2 tickets)
  • giant connect four (1 ticket)
  • dunking booth. (1 ticket for 3 balls)

CheetahFest 2022

Mark your calendars for April 1st for this year’s Cheetahfest!

PREORDER your Cheetahfest t-shirts HERE! ***ORDERS are DUE by March 6th!!!

Armbands and tickets are available to purchase NOW…use the same link for t-shirts above!
Armbands – $10 pre-sale ($12 at the door)

An armband gets your child entry to Cheetahfest, along with all small games and inflatables (1 large obstacle course, 1 obstacle course with Rock Climb Slide, 3 Sport Challenge, Mini All Stars Basketball, Batter Up, Soccer Kick, Cornhole). *Adults do not need an armband.

Tickets are $1 each and are required for the following:
Bake sale – 1 ticket
Balloon Artist – 2 tickets
Face painting – 3 tickets
Mini Golf – 2 tickets
Giant Connect Four – 1 ticket
Dunking Booth – 1 ticket for 3 balls

SILENT AUCTION in the Library with Classroom baskets + lots more!!!

Tasty & Delicious Food Truck
Grandma’s Kitchen
Zahhs Pizza
Shug’s Ice Cream
The 5 Ladies