Cheetah Cheetah Update!

❤️💙🐾Cheetah Chase Update! 🐾💙❤️

ONLY $482.00 to go before we reach our GOAL of $25,000!!! 🥳🥳🥳

⭐️⭐️Cheetah families have currently raised $24,518.00 for our awesome school. Our Families are AMAZING and we’re so appreciative of your support!

🥳When we meet our goal the entire school will receive a GLOW BOWLING PARTY!!! 🎳🤩

Let’s see how much more we can raise! ❤️💙

🤗Donate here ➡️➡️➡️


Cheetah Council Book Drive

Thank you so much for what we have collected so far for the Cheetah Council Book Drive for a Waverly!!! 📚 The Book Drive will end on Friday!

Amazon wish list:

Bounds of Books for Waverly: j1VFzoU9rKXYgCPpEgIAobDrY

Scholastic wish list: 4fcd-adea- f8fbfcfff5dd&fbclid=IwAR0dz3AGkeSGyyNBca_j5P27M6xMb9LCD9b4opRf6DwdD_bx- gzpujz_urk

Please no Imagination Library Books

SPIRIT WEEK – Nov 8-12 🥳🐾💙❤️

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK!!! Nov 8-12

Monday – PJ Day
Tuesday – Decades Day
Wednesday – Disney Day
Thursday – Patriotic Day 🇺🇸
Friday – Class Color (see below)

Friday for Cheetah Chase
Kindergarten – yellow 💛
1st Grade – green 💚
2nd Grade – orange 🧡
3rd Grade – red ❤️
4th Grade – blue 💙
5th Grade – purple 💜