Do this one little thing for me right now, pretty please. (Online Registration for 18/19)

I know, I know.  It’s boring. You have to push a lot of buttons.  You have four kids and your click finger gets tired.  I get it.

But the thing is, it’s required.  And doing it online is WAAYYYYY easier than paper (hand cramps, anyone?)

And it really only takes a few minutes.  I just registered both my girls as I popped dinner in my mouth before hockey practice. You do have to be on an actual computer and not a phone, but other than that, it’s easy peasy.

Just go to Skyward.  You’ve been there before..the place where the grades are posted.

I’m always better at doing things when I understand the reason, so I thought I’d take a minute to explain why this is important to me, and should be important to you:

The County bases the number of teachers and staff on this registration.  So even if the school is 99% sure your kid is coming back next year, if you haven’t registered they are not “counted”.  If enough of these kids are not counted, the county thinks we need less teachers than we actually do.

If your kid has ever been in one of those classes at the beginning of the year who then has to split because a new teacher had to be hired after school starts, you know that isn’t fun.

Online Registration closes May 11.



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