Get your Cheetahfest Wristbands Now!!

Skip the lines and buy your bracelet now!  Bracelets will be $12 a piece at the door.

We are so excited about Cheetahfest 2018!  The theme for this year’s Cheetahfest is “Under the Big Top” and we are planning all kinds of exciting things for the event.

Cheetahfest is Friday, April 6, 2017 from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Kids can play endless games with an admission bracelet (Bungee Trampoline and Face Painting are not included with admission – tickets to this item is $2 each and can be added to your order or purchased at the event).  Bracelets are $10 for preorder or $12 at the door! Adults do not need an admission bracelet.   Kids under 2 are admitted free.


Be sure sure to check out the silent auction with over 50 amazing packages. Then head outside to experience the best food trucks in Middle Tennessee. We can’t wait to see you!


NOTE:  It seems the way we originally had wristbands and tickets set up on our online store was confusing.  You had to choose the number of wristbands (for entry) and tickets (for face painting and/or bungee jumping) before you added the item to the cart.  Several of you skipped this step and thus “bought” tickets for zero dollars.  We have tried to communicate to everyone who did this that you will need to re-purchase the wristbands again since you did not pay anything for them.  We apologize for any confusion and have separated the items from each other to make it more clear when ordering.  BUT PLEASE NOTE:  YOU NEED A WRISTBAND FOR EACH CHILD TO ATTEND CHEETAHFEST.  TICKETS ARE ONLY FOR THE EXTRA COST ITEMS (Face painting and bungee jumping).  PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS WITHOUT A WRISTBAND.


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