Graduate Of First Integrated Class In The South Talks Desegregation With Tennessee Teachers – Professional Development sponsored by PTO

As a PTO, one of our favorite things to pay for is professional development for our amazing teachers.   We believe learning is a lifelong process, so we are happy to send our teachers out to learn new things to bring home to our students.

Last year, we approved a small amount of money ($40 per teacher) to send Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Carey and Mr. Brandon to the Tennessee History for Kids Tent Revival Professional Development program.  This program provided classes that directly related to the fourth and fifth grade Social Studies Standards.

This event took place last week, and who knew what an amazing experience our teachers would be able to have.  Please take a moment to read the article below about the truly inspiring man who spoke to our teachers at the event.

Mrs. Turner was kind enough to send us some pictures that she had taken with Bobby Cain and Abe Lincoln!  To everyone who supports our PTO, thank you for allowing us to send our teachers to amazing opportunities like this!


Sixty years ago, Bobby Cain became the first African-American man to graduate from an integrated high school in the South. Just one year prior, he and 11 other black students had enrolled at Clinton High School in East Tennessee. They became known as the Clinton 12.

This week, Cain gave a rare presentation to social studies teachers from all over the state in hopes that his personal story might help them better engage their students to learn about the history of civil rights in Tennessee. (Click link below to read more!)

Source: Graduate Of First Integrated Class In The South Talks Desegregation With Tennessee Teachers | Nashville Public Radio


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