More info on new Car Rider Procedure

The school will open at 8:25.  Students should not be dropped off prior to this time as they will not be supervised.


Arrival/Car Riders:

1.   All cars will enter and exit through Ferguson Road.

2.  Cars will enter the circle drive in the back of the building using one lane.

3.    An adult will stand at the entrance of the circle drive and direct traffic into ONE lane.

4.  All vehicles will pull forward to the end of the sidewalk.

5.  Vehicles may not switch lanes while in the car rider line.


6.  Students will remain in their cars until an adult or student from Safety Patrol opens

    the car door or motions for them to exit.

5.   Cars must NOT move ahead until directed. This is for the safety of students walking 

    to the sidewalk.

6.  Once all students are on the sidewalk cars may exit.


Dismissal begins at 3:45pm


Car Riders:

Parents will be given one car tag.  You may purchase additional tags for $1 each in the front office if needed.

  1. All cars will enter and exit through Ferguson Road.
  2. The staff will direct cars to form two lanes with cars pulling up to the designated area.
  3. Staff will pick up tags from cars.
  4. When your car is positioned for pick up, please turn off your car engine for safety.
  5. The staff will escort students to cars.
  6.  An adult will direct cars to exit once all students are in their cars..


Your patience and consideration for the safety of our students is appreciated.  



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