Birthday Treats Policy Changes for Elementary Schools | InFocus

Williamson County elementary schools will celebrate birthdays without a focus on food next year. Due to the increasing amount of students with allergies, along with a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, WCS elementary schools have decided to stop allowing edible birthday treats to be brought to school.

“Students love to celebrate birthdays at school, and it is a memorable time to share with teachers and friends,” said Nursing and Coordinated School Health Supervisor Tina Hamblin. “We will focus on making a student’s birthday important without driving the focus toward food. There are other ways to celebrate.”

Along with elementary principals, Hamblin has some suggestions for other ways to celebrate students’ birthdays, including sending in a non-edible treat like bookmarks or pencils, donating a book in your child’s name to his or her school library or having a family member come read to the class.

Source: Birthday Treats Policy Changes for Elementary Schools | InFocus


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