A Heartfelt Thank You

This time of year always feels very bittersweet, and sometimes I wish I could just make time stand still or at least slow down a little.  It’s made worse this year by a few things.  First, my oldest is leaving Chapman’s Retreat and is off to Spring Station.  But another thing that didn’t really hit me until today is the fact that several key members of our PTO board are not returning next year.

I’ve known Shannon Howard for years, thanks to our time at the MOMS Club of Spring Hill, and she is the one who asked me to join the PTO two years ago. I didn’t know Chelsea at all until that time, but quickly came to love her.  I honestly don’t even know how many years Shannon has served on the board, and I believe Chelsea has served for three years.

They have worked so hard at a job that is vital to our school, but is often thankless.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to work so many hours with them in the trenches.  This year, their time at school has been a little less due to work obligations, but that did not mean that they weren’t working tirelessly behind the scenes.  Anytime we had questions, we always knew that they were just a Facebook message or a text away offering guidance and sometimes just emotional support. (Side note: Did you know that you can’t actually run a PTO without memes and gifs, almost on a daily basis? #ptolife).  They were both often know to work all day at their “day jobs” and then show up at a night event ready to work many more hours.

Shannon is always our details person…remembering all the little things everyone else forgot to think about and reminding us about everything from taxes to how many extra t-shirts to order who to talk to about any issue.  Chelsea is 100% the heart of our group.  She’s constantly concerned about “our kids”….things like are all the Angel tree items taken care of, how can we show our teachers how awesome they are, and what can do to help kids who have negative lunch accounts.  They are both amazing and I’m not sure where we would be without them.  So while I’m excited about all the wonderful things awaiting us next year, I am very sad to see them go.  So to our fantastic Co-Presidents of the last two years….thank you for everything. ❤️

We are also saying goodbye to our 2nd Vice-President Shannon Sellers and to our Treasure Emily Kalisz.  I also want to thank both of them for their countless hours of volunteering this year.  Shannon was our resident Pinterest expert, always quick to make beautiful things that I could never pull off.  Emily worked tirelessly dealing with all of our money, which means many hours tracking, counting and making deposits.  Thank you to both of you for making this an amazing year.

I am very excited to be able to continue to work with Michelle and Shemel next year and I am so glad that both of them decided to serve for another year.  Thank you both for being willing to dedicate your time to another year of this crazy PTO life. 💕

Thank you also to all of our teachers and staff who helped with various events throughout the year.  I truly believe that we have the best staff around and that our kids are so lucky to be Chapman’s Cheetahs.

Thank you also to all of the other volunteers who have jumped in this year to help us with so many different things: volunteering your own time, sending in items that we needed, supporting us with your contributions, and even encouraging us with a kind word on our Facebook page or on your online order. I want to particularly thank all of our room parents as well as Bonnie Anderson (who nailed it with the decorations for Teachers Appreciation Week) and Erin Gribben (who helped with so many things, including being our box tops coordinator).

I hope you all have an amazing summer and I hope to see you all at the Back to School Bash on August 3!



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