Star Wars Staff Appreciation Week – May 1 – 5

Teacher & Staff Appreciation week is coming up on May 1 – 5 and we are so excited about the opportunity to spoil our amazing staff!  We have some great things planned for them, but we need your help.

First, we need you to help provide food for a Soup & Salad Luncheon on May 1, and a Chips & Dip Bar on May 5.  We also need a few volunteers for each of those days to help with set up and clean up.  Please click on the links to sign up to bring an item (or 2) and to help out!

Here are the fun things we have planned for them each day:

Star Wars Teacher Appreciation Schedule

We also want to give you the opportunity to spoil you child’s teachers each day, so we’ve created a schedule.  Don’t forget to say thank you to the support staff and specials teachers as well!  Remember, even the smallest thank you is appreciated.  Also, all teachers have a list of their likes posted on the school website.

Star Wars TAW Gift Schedule

Since nothing is as meaningful as well as heart felt words of gratitude, we wanted to place a special emphasis this year on telling our teachers how much they mean to us.  We hope that you will take a minute on Monday, May 1 (or any day that week) to write a special note, create a video or other such creative thank you to send to your teacher, and to perhaps share on our PTO Facebook page using hashtag #teachustheydid.  We’d love to know how a CRES teacher or staff member made a difference in your families life.

Teach Me You Did

We hope to create an amazing week for our teachers! They certainly deserve it as we have the best.  The force is strong with them.


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