Landscaping Clean Up Day – March 5. Volunteers Needed!


The landscape crew has not been able to get in between the trees in front of our school with their mowers. Since they were not able to mow the area, bushes, weeds and other tall grasses grew tall in the spring and summer months.

We have scheduled a volunteer cleanup day to solve this dilemma. Our goal is to remove debris, low hanging branches and dead trees in the area, so the landscape crew can keep it looking presentable. Cleaning this area up would not only help our campus look better, but would clean-up an area that students use for various outdoor classroom and P.E. Activities

Through a generous donation, we have secured a dumpster to put all of the branches and debris in, so now all we need is you. Our goal is to get the project done in three to four hours.

The date for the cleanup is Saturday, March 5th

9:00am to 12:00pm

Please go to this link to sign up.

Equipment needed:

1. Chainsaws to cut down dead trees

2. Various sized pruners/clippers to cut the smaller branches

3. Gloves would be helpful for those who carry the branches and debris to the dumpster


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