Where does the money go? Part 2: Rekenrek Math Manipulatives for First Grade

This year, instead of one giant project to raise money for, such as technology, the PTO has decided to focus on meeting teacher and staff needs for smaller projects and classroom wish lists.  Most recently, first grade made a request for Rekenrek math manipulatives.  The PTO purchased three Two-Bar Rekenrek Classroom Set and three Ten-Bar Demonstration Rekenrek with Color Change for the first grade to share.  The purchase totaled $557.  

“Great for supporting the development of number sense, rekenreks are visual models that encourage students to think of numbers in groups, strengthen counting proficiency, develop addition and subtraction strategies, and gain a better understanding of number relationships.”

The Rekenreks also coordinate closely with the way the children are learning in Dreambox.  There is tons of evidence that using hands-on math manipulatives positively affects student learning. But most of all, our teachers and our kids love them.

Do you want us to be able to provide more educational supplies like these?  Make sure to sign your child up for the Cheetah Run at www.funrun.com.  Just click on the sign up button and search for “Cheetah Run — Chapman’s Retreat Elementary — Spring Hill, TN”.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to help benefit our kids and educators.  Please share with friends and family and consider sponsoring a child in the fun run.

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VAL_7718-9  VAL_7712-7VAL_7726-11 VAL_7734-12 VAL_7735-13 VAL_7739-14


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