Fun Run Update – November 12, 2016

Thank you SO MUCH to those who have registered your children for the Cheetah Run and asked for donations.  We are off to a great start!  We have currently reached 16% of our Fundraising Goal of $30,000!  276 our of our 729 students have registered.  That’s a lot, but we could still do better.

Students are having a blast preparing for the Cheetah Run! Plus, they started learning how to “play with character” through the Fun Run’s character theme, Big World Recess. They are traveling the world learning from REAL kid-athletes in other cultures.

Remember, as you connect to sponsors for the Fun Run, make sure all pledges are entered on Plus, for every $30 per lap our school pledges, a pair of shoes will be sent to a person in need in another country through the Great Shoe Takeoff giveback program.

Remember, our big goal this year is to be able to yes to our teachers and staff when they come to us with needs for their classes. For example, the Fifth grade team really wants a set of 8 or so IPAD Mini’s to use for their small groups.  Kindergarten has a need for some new furniture, and Second grade really wants each student to have their own headsets to use during rotations.  We would love to be able to meet all these needs and more.

Here’s how you can support Chapman’s Retreat:

  • Register your student. To log in pledges, please register your child on, using our school’s registration code: 471-337. Students receive a FREE GIFT just by having their parent or guardian register them on
  • Reach out to sponsors. Connect with 10 sponsors. You can use social media in the pledging process and even create custom videos—all of this is on Be sure to capture and record each sponsor’s e-mail address. They will also have an easy opportunity to pay for your student’s pledge by credit card online.
  • Ask your child about the BIG WORLD RECESS Character Play of the day! This year’s character theme is BIG WORLD RECESS, a global fitness theme all about playing with more character. Watch the fun videos with your child on
  • Come to the Fun Run on Nov. 20th! All students are invited to participate, regardless of financial participation. Remember, students will be running 30-35 laps, and we would love for you to come out and cheer.

Here are the Fun Run time slots for Friday, November 20 for those who want to come cheer on your kids as they run:
9:00-10:00 3rd grade
10:00-11:00 4th grade
11:00-12:00 5th grade
12:30-1:30 Kindergarten
1:30-2:30 2nd grade
2:30-3:30 1st grade

Here are a few photos of the Fun Run Kick Off Pep Rally on Monday – the kids had a blast!

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Where does the money go? Part 2: Rekenrek Math Manipulatives for First Grade

This year, instead of one giant project to raise money for, such as technology, the PTO has decided to focus on meeting teacher and staff needs for smaller projects and classroom wish lists.  Most recently, first grade made a request for Rekenrek math manipulatives.  The PTO purchased three Two-Bar Rekenrek Classroom Set and three Ten-Bar Demonstration Rekenrek with Color Change for the first grade to share.  The purchase totaled $557.  

“Great for supporting the development of number sense, rekenreks are visual models that encourage students to think of numbers in groups, strengthen counting proficiency, develop addition and subtraction strategies, and gain a better understanding of number relationships.”

The Rekenreks also coordinate closely with the way the children are learning in Dreambox.  There is tons of evidence that using hands-on math manipulatives positively affects student learning. But most of all, our teachers and our kids love them.

Do you want us to be able to provide more educational supplies like these?  Make sure to sign your child up for the Cheetah Run at  Just click on the sign up button and search for “Cheetah Run — Chapman’s Retreat Elementary — Spring Hill, TN”.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to help benefit our kids and educators.  Please share with friends and family and consider sponsoring a child in the fun run.

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