Box Tops for Education & Labels for Education

Welcome back to school Cheetah parents –

Did you know that each Box Top collected is $0.10 cash for the school? Since CRES started collecting Box Tops, they’ve earned over $20,000 that goes directly back into the school. This money is used for things like as PE equipment, classroom supplies, and technology. You can find Box Tops on General Mills cereal, Green Giant vegetables, Scoot and Kleenex paper products, Ziploc baggies, Hefty products, frozen entrees and boxed meals/sides. When you see a Box Top, clip it along the lines, check the expiration date, and collect them at home until you are ready to turn them into the school. You can turn in Box Tops into the mailbox inside the front entrance of the school between both sets of double doors. The Box Tops are then collected by the school coordinator, sorted, counted and sent in twice a year for CASH. You can log on to the CRES Box Top site anytime and check our balance. We raise about $1200 each year, but would love to see that amount double. This is free money that goes directly back into your child’s education!


In addition to Box Tops, we also collect Labels for Education. These can be found on Campbell’s soup wrappers, BIC products, V8 drinks, Pepperidge Farm cookies and Prego sauces. Each label is worth points that get redeemed for art, athletic, and academic materials. Clip these labels along lines, making sure to include the UPC. You can turn these in to the school in the same mailbox located at the entrance of the school between the sets of double doors. You can visit our website and view our balances at any time.


Let’s make this our best year yet!


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