Frequently Asked Questions about PTO Membership

We had so much fun meeting so many of you at the Back to School Bash on Monday.  We got several questions about PTO membership, so we thought it might be a good idea to put a list of FAQ’s together in case others had the same questions.

  • Q:  Where does the money go?  A:  We are going to do a longer blog post in the future, but in short, it goes into the general PTO fund that supports the school, teachers and children in many different ways.  You can read a list of these ways on our home page. 
  • Q:  If I sign up for membership, do I have to do anything?  I work full time and don’t have much time to commit, but don’t mind supporting our school with the membership fee.   A:  You absolutely do not have to do anything.  While we love our volunteers, we understand not everyone has the time.  We would love for you to join anyway.
  • Q:  I really want to be involved in the PTO, but just don’t have this in my budget right now.  A:  You may pay the membership fee at any time.  Also, while we do encourage everyone who can to pay the membership fee, we do understand that not everyone is able to do so.  The fee is not at all required to volunteer.  Please fill out one of our forms anyway and mark all areas where you are interested in volunteering.
  • Q:  I forgot my checkbook.  Can I send money to school with my kid?  A:  Yes.  Also, we take credit cards.  And paypal (to  We are fancy like that.  Also, we will be at both Parent Orientation nights on August 10 (K-2nd) and August 13 (3rd-5th).
  • Q:  I work full time so I’m not around during the day.  Are there ways I can help?  A:  Absolutely.  On our membership form, you will see options for volunteering at after school at events like Cheetahfest, and also for sending in supply items as needed.  Both of these options are great for working parents.
  • Q:  Can I get a window cling without joining the PTO?  A:  No, the window clings are for paid PTO members only.
  • Q:  If I check these volunteer boxes on the form, am I going to end up in charge of something?  A:  Not at all.  Checking the boxes will just get you on the right email distributions to let you know when volunteer opportunities exist.
  • Q:  Your shirts are adorable.  Can I buy one?  A:  We had originally ordered the “Keep Calm and Join the PTO” shirts just for the board members, but if there is interest we can see about ordering more.
  • Q:  I don’t want to fill out a paper form.  Are there other options?  A:  Definitely.  You can fill out our online form and pay via Paypal.

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